How to Calculate Commission: 11 Steps with Pictures

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As a result, an organization can keep its sales department profitable. If you have a commission rate, you might consider taking the calculated commission rate and multiplying it by the hours worked per day. If your company doesn’t have a set commission rate or if their commissions vary, then you should know how to calculate your own commission rate. Most businesses use a commission rate to calculate how much money they will make in their business.


This Sales Commission Calculator will help you determine the commission amount generated by sales in a quick and easy way. The industry usually sees, that the basic sales commission percentages are not less than 5% for the reps with a good salary. Some companies offer a handsome rate ranging from 40%-50% to high-performing reps who aren’t taking a salary home. Also referred to as a straight commission, this type of structured income comes solely from the commissions as there are no salaries involved.

How to Calculate Commission

Tiered commission plans play an important role in scaling the sales team and business. Since they are designed to promote over-performance, they can be extremely effective compensation models for driving revenue in larger, more established sales teams. The commission is calculated as a percentage based on the sales commission agreement. You must watch costs for your small business, and you can lose track of costs that you incur in the form of sales commissions. You may think you make more money than you really do if you don’t consider commissions as part of your sales amounts. Calculate commissions when you look at your sales amounts, and you will have a clearer picture of your actual income.

Commission rates are the amount of your profit that you get from each sale. Let’s walk through some commission examples to see how to calculate a commission and total income step by step. The “Sales Price” input of this calculator is the total accumulated sales amount.

For example, a what is a deposit slipperson may earn 3% of whatever they sell. If a product is sold for $100, the salesperson would earn $3 from that sale. Others include paying commissions based on profit earned or commissions paid in the form of bonuses. In some cases, salespeople may be paid entirely based on commission, or their earnings could be a combination of hourly pay or a base salary plus commissions. Your commission payment for Product A is $450, your commission payment for Product B is $900, and your total commission payment is $1,350.

What Are the Advantages of a Gross Margin Commission?

Sales reps have the freedom to work extra hours to generate more business. The more business they make, the more commission they can take home; highly talented and experienced reps are suited for this structure. In addition, companies using this structure can save money on recruiting new staff. Let us understand the sales commission percentage by first understanding the structure and its flow. The discussion below explains this aspect of the concept in detail.

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It is determined as the ratio of Generated Profit Amount to the Generated Revenue Amount. Instead of earning a commission, you are paid using an hourly rate or earn a salary. Since there is no reward for motivation, productivity is low, and team members are not motivated.

Before You Begin: Define Your Commission Plans

The first shows you the commission the agent and the brokerage receives broken down into the amount contributed in each tier. Enter the amount the agent has already earned in commissions before the current sale. How to Calculate Commission in 4 Easy Steps — Simple commission plan? Follow these steps to learn how to calculate commissions quickly. For example, your agent may owe a transaction fee of $99, an E&O fee of $50, and a marketing fee of $195—all paid to the brokerage. For example, on our distributable commission of $22,318.60 and an 80/20 commission split, the brokerage will keep $4,463.27 and the agent would earn $17,854.88.

When direct sales are used, the commission is calculated by taking into consideration the margin that was made on each sale or product sold. Therefore, Janelle’s sister earned $16.50 in profit from her lemonade stand last Sunday. Calculating profit is useful since it helps a business owner determine if his/her products are priced properly, as in not too low. In this video, we show another example of how to calculate the amount of commission earned given the rate of commission, and the amount of the sale made.

Sales commission is variable compensation for a sales representative. These commissions are a part of the profit earned by the employer and given as incentives or salary to the sales representative who helped them sell the product or service. Now, if you want to ramp up sales and fuel your team’s enthusiasm, a tiered commission structure will work for you. Your agents will always be motivated to overperform until they reach the next tier. While it may make sense for high yield sales roles like real estate, it’s an unforgiving model in industries where the buying process can extend over several months.

Our global team of experts are ready to provide any services, training, and support you need to drive success. Enhance sales forecasts and unlock breakthrough revenue insights to reveal opportunities earlier. How To Create a Real Estate Commission Disbursement Authorization — Learn how you can create commission disbursement authorizations for each closing with little effort. Hit the “copy net payables” button to record these figures and paste them into relevant locations quickly. The following formula is used to calculate the Reverse Commission.


It depends on whether a product has a straightforward or multifaceted sales process, the length of the sales cycle, and a product’s route to market. Major brokerages often charge a “franchise fee” on sales made by franchise brokerages. Like referral fees, this is typically taken out before the commission is split between the broker and the agent. The net payables box simplifies this, showing you exactly how much your brokerage receives and how much the real estate agent earns. The agent and the brokerage could have a deal whereby the agent earns 80% of the total commission for the first $20,000 in commission they earn in a quarter.

While many employees are paid on an hourly or salaried basis, commissioned employees are paid based on the value of goods and services that they sell. Commission-based payment is common in certain positions—sales in particular—where bringing in money is an important part of the job. To calculate commission, you need to understand what system your business uses and any additional factors that may affect your total commission earnings. To determine if you’ll need to use a commission calculator regularly, you must have a straightforward commission structure. So, if you’re going to choose this model, you’ll need an adequate budget for paying your sales agents’ base salary. What’s more, you’ll need enough resources for handling additional administrative work.

Understanding Your Commission Plan

Meanwhile, others base the commission calculation on base salaries. So, if you want to know the ideal commission structure for your sales agents, keep reading this article. We’ll share the pros and cons of each type of commission while discussing applicable team sizes and industries.

In that same example, if you both did sales of $10 then one person would receive 10%, or $1 to put towards the company. It is important for you to know how much each sale is worth so that you can compare your net profit and overall sales. The type of business you have also affected how much money your company makes on each transaction.

Back out all of your expenses and pay a commission on the profit only. This will ensure that you have income left over for yourself and for reinvestment in your business. It will also encourage your salespeople to sell at full price and be wary of deep discounts that cut into profits. One of the downsides of having the base pay + commission structure is a lower sales commission.


The total cost for Sunday’s sales were $6.00 (or 30 x 0.20). For example, car salespeople earn a fixed salary plus a commission from their sales. Real estate agents make a hefty commission from property sales, usually around five or six percent from six-digit values. However, property sales are typically more time-intensive, where an agent typically makes a handful of sales each year.

They may then earn 90% of commission for anything above this in the same period. But they are more complicated than split commission structures. This is because the amount of commission the brokerage pays the agent changes once the agent hits a predefined threshold. Paperless Pipeline allows brokers, admins, and transaction coordinators to accurately calculate commission splits and any other agent fees at the click of a button. To accurately calculate everyone’s share, it’s necessary to account for these fees that come off the top of the total commission, as it will affect the remaining share. For example, if your brokerage represents the buyer and seller the total commission is often lower, as one brokerage will receive the full fee.

If you’re looking to increase your sales, you need to know the value of each sale. Gina D’Amore is a Financial Accountant and the Founder of Love’s Accounting. With 12 years of experience, Gina specializes in working with smaller companies in every area of accounting, including economics and human resources. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Manhattanville College and a Bookkeeping Certificate from MiraCosta College.

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Similar to the straight commission model, employee earnings under this approach are based entirely on what the employee wins in sales. Employers make an advance payment to the individual, and then deduct that amount from any subsequent commission. In effect, salespeople are lent funds from their company, which they then pay back through their commission. Call it the closest thing to a “happy medium” when it comes to paying sales employees. The base plus commission approach involves paying workers a minimum salary and then additional payments for each subsequent sale.

Multiplier Commission Structure

Calculate his commission for a motorbike whose cost is $40,000. ProfitabilityProfitability refers to a company’s ability to generate revenue and maximize profit above its expenditure and operational costs. It is measured using specific ratios such as gross profit margin, EBITDA, and net profit margin. Most salaried reps will earn around 5% of their sales as commission. A commission is a monetary reward earned by a salesperson or representative usually through the sale of a good or service that is provided by an employer. In other words, it’s a type of bonus for closing a deal or sale.

If the employee sold a total of $1,000 last month, then they earned a commission of $60. You can use transaction management software alongside the real estate commission calculator to track the number and value of sales each agent makes. This encourages reps to over-perform as the amount they expect to earn increases, thanks to the higher percentage. For example, imagine you close a deal for $100,000 with a commission rate of 5%, you will receive $5,000 in commission. This structure works great for smaller sales teams where the focus is on one single product or service that has a fixed price.

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You need to understand these fully to calculate sales commission. Commission bases, overrides, splits, and periods are the building blocks of your sales commission structure. If the total commission earned from a sale was $9,000, $360 would go to the franchise.

A 10 percent commission rate on a $10,000 product deal would pay $1,000 in commission. The commission rate is the percentage of a transaction paid to a salesperson when they close a deal. Whatever the arrangement, a salesperson needs to know what their likely sales commission is before closing a deal. The percentage of total commission the real estate agent receives on each tier.

In a flat-fee model, real estate agents keep the entire commission. Instead of paying commission, they pay a flat monthly desk fee to the brokerage. This doesn’t change, whether they sell zero properties or ten. You may need to consider other fees paid to third parties when using the real estate commission calculator.

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