Features and Implications of NDCs for Carbon Markets Final Report

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The regional initiative aims at a holistic approach to decarbonize the transport sector in China, India, Vietnam, and further Asian countries. This includes, for example, the development of a coherent strategy for efficient policy approaches which is coordinated between various sector ministries, civil society and the private sector. As a regional initiative, the programme disseminates appropriate knowledge in Asia via existing platforms.

IIS: NDC Lookup Crosswalk

NDC Partnership member governments are in the process of mapping their technical support needs and identifying opportunities to enact national climate targets or NDCs. In June, three governments hosted strategic dialogues on NDC climate goals with the assistance of the NDC Partnership — Costa Rica (13-14 June), Uganda , and Vietnam . An improved understanding is needed of how effective public budgeting for climate change actions can support the mobilization of investment at scale; sensitize finance, planning and trade ministries; and pave the way for the integration of NDCs into national and sub national planning. High-level leadership is vital for fostering multi-sectoral and multi-level processes that include climate mitigation and adaptation actions for sustainable development. UNDP also led 5breakout sessionson theintegrationof mitigation, adaptation and development priorities, building blocks forNDC implementation plans,investment strategies,national climate funds,andnational budgets,and supported two breakout sessions ontransparency. Enerdata’s premium online information service provides up-to-date market reports on 110+ countries.

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Specifically, some vaccine manufacturers are populating the first digit of the GTIN as a packaging level Indicator. Users are advised to use these GTIN values with caution until CDC can verify accuracy with the vaccine manufacturers. The NDC Transport Initiative for Asia is a joint programme of seven organisations and is funded by the International Climate Initiative of the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety . In addition, some sites may require you to agree to their terms of use and privacy policy.

Partner Support

TheGlobal NDC Conference in Berlin(May 2-5), which was hosted by Germany’s Environment Ministry , set another milestone in terms of collective action, partnerships and identification of key support areas for NDC implementation. UNDP and partners are launching a new series of Regional NDC Dialogues this summer. The dialogues will make a conscious effort to expand participation to a broader range of stakeholders, including private-sector representatives and government agencies beyond Solution Architect: Role and Responsibilities ministries of environment. The Chilean government announced in mid-September that it will issue official recognition for all public and private institutions who registered on its new Carbon Footprint Platform “HuellaChile”. Global Trade Identification Numbers are provided as a proxy indicator that the vaccine is 2D barcoded. Note that we have recently learned that some of the GTINs in this table are inaccurate due to variations in the GTIN formats used by manufacturers.

Between 2010 and 2018, Nigeria’s GHG emissions increased by 40% to reach 347 MtCO2eq. The baseline projection has been updated too, estimating GHG emissions at 453 MtCO2eq by 2030, i.e. around half the 2015 estimates and a 31% increase in total GHG emissions between 2018 and 2030 (+2.6%/year). This webpage is designed as a lookup table where the Unit of Use and Unit of Sale NDC are mapped to each other. Each component vaccine of a multiple component vaccine will have a unique NDC which also differs from the NDC of the unit of sale. This means that there will be two rows linking the unit of use to unit of sale.

Tunisia Kicks Off Preparation of an NDC Roadmap

By linking with regional stakeholders and other Asian countries, it contributes to promoting a comprehensive approach to decarbonising transport. At the global level, the programme will contribute its experience to the UNFCCC process. In in its first NDC , the country pledged to cut its GHG emissions by 2030 below a business-as-usual scenario by 20% using its domestic resources or by 45% with international support . In May 2021, the country submitted an interim updated First NDC that included similar targets. In each of the partner countries, the consortium supports the design and information of stakeholder processes and the development of selected climate protection measures. In this way, the partners are supported in making their sectoral contributions to the achievement of the Nationally Determined Contributions of the Paris Agreement and in raising their ambitions for long-term strategies and the 2025 NDCs.

ndc 2017

The reports include valuable market data and analysis as well as a daily newsfeed, curated by our energy analysts, on the oil, gas, coal and power markets. Nigeria has unveiled a new update of its First Nationally Determined Contribution , setting an unconditional greenhouse gas emission reduction target of 20% and a conditional reduction target up to 47% of the business-as-usual scenario by 2030. Under its BAU scenario, Nigeria estimates GHG emissions at around 453 MtCO2eq by 2030; the 47% cut would limit GHG emissions to 244 MtCO2eq.

Nigeria’s updated NDC targets 47% conditional cut in GHG emissions by 2030

It builds trust, enables tracking of NDC implementation and informs the global stock take on reaching the long-term goal. There is no single formula for attracting finance within the variety of capital and investors with differing needs to be understood and appropriate financial instruments and risk-reduction or sharing tools applied, in each specific investment context. NDCs need to be translated into investment opportunities and project pipelines developed and expanded to increase visibility and profile of options to attract finance. Led by the Ministry of Local Affairs, Tunisia launched a national consultation process for the preparation of an NDC implementation roadmap on 04 and 05 July 2017 with the support of the United Nations Development Program.

Global NDC Conference 2017

Strong leadership and stakeholder management capabilities are required to lead a society wide transformation process. AWS Certification AWS Solutions Architect Training Course This includes the engagement of new actors, and the expansion of roles and responsibilities for NDC implementation.

In 2018, the energy sector accounted for 60% of total GHG emissions, including 22% of fugitive emissions from oil and gas. Agriculture, forestry and other land use is the second largest contributor to total GHG emissions, contributing one quarter of national total GHG emissions in 2018. A data and transparency system is paramount for the national coordination of NDC implementation and further supports communicating the work to different stakeholders. Long-term planning helps break down climate targets into short- and mid-term priorities. For climate actions to result in tangible development benefits, countries need to reconfigure their governance systems to foster an inclusive, integrated approach to low carbon development.

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