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Unfortunately, he developed a crush on the harmless Ayumi Otosaka after being transferred to the varsity. After this, Oikawa began neglecting Konishi and spent extra time with Ayumi. Her sadistic tendencies and total demeanor are sufficient to make most people afraid of what she may presumably do. She could be very joyful when attempting to kill someone, smiling when doing so, and has a creepy great site look of lovesickness. Himiko is a fairly twisted particular person very related to her companions, however it’s her twisted view of affection that makes her utterly terrifying. Once she’s attached and “loves” someone, she is prepared to hurt anyone and everybody who will get in her way or feels threatened by them.

However, it is only been lately that I’ve seen his tendencies to be yanderic. I caught him usually observing me in school for about 10 minutes straight and if I wished to attend for my associates afterwards, he would take my hand and pull me with him exterior so we could go residence. It takes eternally to say goodbye to him as a end result of he sits on my driveway for half-hour just cuddling me. One of the largest issues I’ve seen is with my male friends. Since I do IT, I actually have lots of male friends and considered one of them (Alex) I am fairly close with. Her unhealthy attachment and one-sided love cause Nina to go berserk.

I have a sense that the positioning goes to be on the information one day… Kaede is a diclonius woman, an advanced species superior to humans, and is the principle protagonist of the Elfen Lied collection. In the orphanage where she grew up, she was continuously bullied by the opposite children for having a different appearance.